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About project

The project is a platform where PHP programmers and developers can easily find exciting job offers. It provides companies with an excellent opportunity to reach the right people, thanks to the narrow focus of the audience.


Year 2021 - 2023
Client in-house project


The entire IT sector of the job market is very diversified and contains a lot of job positions. These jobs are focused on hundreds to thousands of technologies.

The way and format of the advertisements are also not helping the situation. The job ads heavily contain generic phrases, long paragraphs of text, and information that says nothing. Developers don't want to read long paragraphs of uninteresting text. In this case, the following situation occurs. You enjoy programming in PHP. You're looking for a job opportunity focused on PHP, but you keep finding jobs where another technology is the main focus.

Gaupi solution

We want to change the current market situation, and that's why we at Gaupi decided to found the project. Phpjobs is a unique job portal that focuses exclusively on PHP programmers and developers.

The project is built as simply as possible so that users can find job offers quickly. When designing it, we put a lot of emphasis on clarity and consider what attracts programmers nowadays. Programmers are interested in the technologies used, the scope of the position, the salary, and the ability to work remotely or from home.

Logo phpjobs - Gaupi portfolio
phpjobs logo - Gaupi portfolio


As the primary typeface, we chose Poppins, a modern sans serif font. Featuring a substantially geometric feel and a mechanical skeleton. Perfect for graphic design and websites.

We didn't want to mix secondary fonts into the typography. We used multiple levels of font weights instead to create the proper hierarchy while maintaining clarity.

Typography Min

Color palette

Since the project is dedicated to PHP technology. We could not choose a primary color other than purple. Purple is the primary color of PHP language, and developers themselves automatically think of this color under the term PHP. color palette - Gaupi portfolio

Focused on the framework

The primary and essential part of the website is the division of job offers by PHP Framework. For example, if a programmer has specialized in the Laravel framework, they won't look at ads with the Nette framework at all, no matter what the ad offers.

phpjobs frameworks - Gaupi portfolio

Creation of websites

Our goal was to design an eye-catching, modern yet clean website design. Easy to navigate for the user and maximum readability. This was the basic idea when creating the website.

tvorba webovych stranek - Gaupi portfolio

Offer detail page

The detail page is designed to bring the essential information of the job offer to the forefront so that users can quickly find their way around.

phpjobs - Gaupi portfolio

Creating a new offer

We have designed a process to create job offers faster, using a straightforward and user-friendly form.

tvorba webovych stranek - Gaupi portfolio

Responsive design

We have been creating websites from the very beginning with the idea of proper display on all types of mobile devices.

responsive mobile web site - Gaupi portfolio

Email newsletter

Email notifications play an especially significant role in this project. They allow us to inform users about new offers. That is why we have designed clear email notifications. A weekly summary of offers or instant email notification of a new job offer.

phpjobs email - Gaupi portfolio
phpjobs email - Gaupi portfolio

Ready to be shared

We generate an eye-catching preview for the offer details web page to make it easier to share on social media.

metadata image og social- Gaupi portfolio

Website overview

Check out the final version of the website in full. We put a lot of focus on the website loading speed, readability, and clear structure.

phpjobs homepage - Gaupi portfolio
phpjobs new offer - Gaupi portfolio

We're not stopping here

Our work is far from over with the launch of the project. We are constantly working on the project, testing new solutions, and coming up with ideas for new features. We are also actively communicating and getting feedback from programmers and employers. - Gaupi portfolio - Gaupi portfolio

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