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About the client

Josef "Pepíček" Vašák is the Czech champion in pork shoulder boning and a great butcher. 

He is also the organizer of commented traditional Moravian feasts, which guests can actively participate in. In addition, Pepíček organizes unique corporate teambuilding events and private celebrations that will provide you with an unforgettable experience.


Year 2023 - present
Client Josef Vašák


The client approached us with an interest in entering the world of digital. Our task was to create a new customized website.

A modern website with an emphasis on clarity, conversion and intuitive administration, allowing new pages to be created and content to be easily edited.

See how we successfully tackled this challenge.

Gaupi solution

For the client we created a modern and originally designed website from the ground up, ready to represent the Pepíčkovo brand.

The website not only showcases the range of services on offer, but also allows direct bookings for organised experiential courses and enquiries for corporate events or private parties.

Color palette


Illustrations and icons

Web development

The website is considered the main communication and sales channel of the project. We focused on clarity, easy user orientation and a modern look with an authentic feel. 

The web development is tailored from the beginning to the client's needs, which ensures maximum customization. We have simplified the content management for the website administrators, allowing the client to edit the content on the website at ease. Moreover, creating new websites is very easy and straightforward.

Modular web

All website content is built from sub-components that are customized. This approach provides the client with a comprehensive library of building blocks for their website.

We have created more than 30 unique components for the project. These components also include various customization options and different variations of the final display.

Benefits of the components

The website publisher is not bound by the number of pages delivered and designed, but has complete freedom to build any page he needs without having to change the code.

The use of components is ideal, as they ensure that all newly created pages will work as they should and look like the original design. This makes the website much more flexible and its management more efficient.


The possibility of booking and presenting the offered adventure courses was another key point of the project.

We focused on clear presentation of information and easy orientation for users to maximize the conversion of registration for the course with Pepíček.

In the administration part, we simplified the course management and the process of creating new schedules as much as possible.


We have noticed that customers who are organising a course, corporate event or celebration create graphic invitations with basic information.

That's why we came up with the Invitations extension. This extension will make it easier for event organizers to share with other attendees or colleagues, while sparking interest in exploring the Pepi brand.

The Invitation is a web page, generated directly for the client. 

The page will offer a place where event attendees can easily find all the information they need. The attendee will find the date, venue, or other information as desired.

We have also designed an invitation in image format, plus a version ready to share with the public, for example on the company's social networks. These images are generated fully automatically when the invitation is created.

Responsive design

In the world of the modern web, responsive design is already a standard. From the very beginning, we have been creating websites with the idea of displaying correctly on all types of mobile devices.

After the initial measurement, 65% of traffic came from mobile devices.

Responsive design is not only about aesthetic appearance, but also about functionality and efficiency. That's why we've prepared a different type of homepage display for mobile devices.

Instead of the traditional vertical scrolling, we used "snap scrolling."

When scrolling, the page "snaps" to each section. The sections are carefully balanced on the page, which contributes to an effective and attractive presentation.

New website

The result of our work is a modern and innovative website that is ready to represent the Pepíčkovo brand.

We're not stopping here

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